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Types of Essays That Help You Grow as a Successful Student

It seems a bit weird. But it is scientifically proved. A few essay types always play a vital role in students’ academic growth. You might not believe it because it is an additional burden for you. You have to keep regular attendance at classes, take notes and study in your leisure, prepare for the upcoming exam. So naturally, you are barely left with any time to concentrate on writing essays. But you have to, because your grades depend on it. And apart from it, writing essays can help you develop or improve academic skills, which we are going to explain in this blog. If you don’t like essay writing at all, this blog might just get you interested.Here is the list of essay types, which we think help students develop their skills.

Argumentative essay:

In this type of essay, students are expected to put up a well-reasoned argument. They have to prove their points with presenting relevant and strong evidence against your claims. The writer has to choose a slant and talk about it throughout the essay. Students can check out online essay samples that help them get a clear idea.

How this helps students?

  • As this essay is purposed to persuade its readers to believe something that the writer believes, students develop persuasion skills. They understand the trick to induce someone into believing something.
  • When you write an argumentative essay, you must put forward some strong evidence. In order to do so, you need to make the judgement which evidence seems suitable for the topic, which ones don’t. While doing so, you naturally develop strong assessment skills.

Personal essay:

As the name suggests, it is generally based on personal experiences that result in a lesson that you have learnt. This type of essay mainly reflects personal opinion about a topic or issue that is significant to you. Students, pursuing degrees in humanities, are mainly to asked to write personal essays as a part of their coursework. Many students choose to hire essay writers in Australia to get papers done. If you do it by yourself, you get the following benefits,

How this helps you?

  • In personal essay writing, the writer gets the chance to share their personal experience without having to prove the point. So it definitely helps them sharpen their writing skills.
  • It is autobiographical because it is based on feelings, emotions, personal opinion and personal experience. Hence, students get the chance to include dialogue, imagery, characterisation, conflict, plot, and setting. It is sure a way to develop or improve their story-telling abilities.

Deductive essay

Writing a deductive essay is a method of evaluating the students’ critical thinking in different subjects. The core of a deductive writing is the ability of the author to use the provided information and come to a reasoned conclusion that showcases a total piece of information.

How this helps you?

  • This type of essay follows a process of deductive reasoning. Students need to use problem solving strategies to break the chosen topic and come to a deduction. This exercise readily helps them develop logical reasoning skills.
  • An important feature of a deductive essay is sharp focus and clarity. Hence, students have to clearly organized to discuss one particular topic along with details and examples. Therefore, students pick the strength of highlighting main points while keeping the secondary points with them.

Literature essays:

Literary analysis essay evaluates a work of literature or an aspect of a work of literature. While analysis the work, the writer needs to break down the subject into its component parts. Examining the different aspects of a literary work is not an end itself, but rather a process to help the readers have a better understanding.

How this helps you?

  • This type of essay is all about analysis. Students need to critically evaluate the whole provide text and put forward their opinions in front of the readers. So students’ ability to evaluate something and develop a personal view about improves.
  • Students get closer to literature. While breaking down the prose, you as a writer get familiar with all aspects of the topic. In short, you get the chance to take an insight into the literature and expand your knowledge.

Compare & Contrast Essays:

This type of essay either reflects differences or similarities between two anything. It can be persons, religions, places, concepts, etc. Compare and contrast essays are written to convince or entertain readers. Sometimes, the whole essay compares and contrasts. But sometimes the compare and contrast is only the part of the essay.

How this helps you?

  • Professors mainly assign this task to test students’ understanding. They are asked to compare and contrast between two theories, two concepts, two historical periods, two characters in a novel, etc. So naturally, you gain the closer understanding of the discussed topic.
  • Your vocabulary increases as you have to use numerous compare and contrast words in the essays. More or less in every alternate sentence, you have to use compare contrast word to put forward your viewpoint.

These are a few major essay types that significantly contribute to students’ academic development. So next time, when you get an essay, try to accomplish rather running from it.

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