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Marketing Assignment Help – Useful Tips To Do Your Assignment

Pursuing your MBA in marketing means not only dealing with internships but also truckloads of assignments. While you may find your internships to be really fun and interesting, assignments, on the other hand, are going to feel like snooze fests. In fact, they are not just going to be boring to do, but they will also take a toll on you and leave you completely clueless regarding how you should do them.

However, there’s not much to worry about just yet. You can still deliver a flawless assignment to your professor and that too on time. Wondering how? The secret to that is simple. In this article, you will discover eight handy tips for your paper that have been specially formulated by marketing assignment help experts. These tips will act as a comprehensive guide that you can make use of any time you write a marketing assignment.

Marketing Assignment Help

1. Get yourself familiar with the 4Ps of marketing

The 4Ps are the basics of marketing, and to answer any questions on marketing that are a part of your assignment, you should know them well enough, according to assignment help experts. These 4Ps are:

  • Product – You’ll have to know everything about the product, including its advantages, its features, the concept behind the product, its life cycle, the strategy you want to employ, etc.
  • Place – The place where the product is sold will be dependent on the target audience. Therefore, you should know about concepts such as customer convenience, distribution channels, intermediaries, distribution systems, logistics, franchising and more.
  • Price – The price of the product should justify its value. So you will have to analyze the prices of competitors and determine the price of your products using different concepts such as elasticity and demand, pricing strategies, the cost of ad campaigns, the consumer psychology and more.
  • Promotion – Promotion is the most important of the four as marketing mostly focuses on creating awareness and a favorable image of the product among the general public. So the areas you should have a thorough knowledge of include packaging, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and the like.

2. Do your research at the ground level

Not knowing how to carry out research is the primary reason why students like you search the internet for ‘do my assignment.’ If you look around, you will realize that you have a treasure trove of information right in front of you. Instead of just hounding books for research, you should also try to include some original research of your own into the paper. You can do this by carrying our surveys on Survey Monkey or by interviewing some of the several marketing professionals that you interact with during your internship.

3. Take a look at samples

Marketing assignments are starkly different from the assignments you have been used to during your high school years. The sad part is that your professors already expect you to know the rules of it, and will not provide you with detailed instructions. Therefore, instead of submitting a shabby assignment, you should take a look at the sample samples first to know about the rules of a marketing assignment. You can ask your seniors to share their assignments with you, or you can take a look at the ones that have been published in the college’s online library.

4. Do not delay the writing process 

Once you are clear on the basics, have done your research and have gotten the hang of the rules of a marketing assignment, you should start writing immediately. It will take a long time for you to complete this paper as you don’t just have to put in words, you also have to enrich your paper with the help of graphs, pie charts, diagrams, tables and loads of examples. So start early if you want to finish your paper on time, and get the grade you deserve for all of your hard work.

5. Do not make use of fluff while writing

It’s not about the word count as much it is about the words you use. So your aim should not be to stretch your arguments and add unnecessary portions just to increase the number of words you have written. Instead, what you should do is write everything to the point. You do not want to bore your professor with endless paragraphs of the same thing being said over and over again in different ways. Rather take the risk of not meeting your word count than overshooting it by a lot.

6. Never repeat ideas

You may think that a single idea applies to two different situations and hence, you may end up using the same idea in two different paragraphs. That is something you should avoid doing at all costs because your assessor will end up thinking that you don’t have enough knowledge of the subject and so keep on repeating the same things. Try to use different ideas in each paragraph. If you feel you don’t have any new ideas, read up on marketing blogs. These will provide you with innovative concepts you never thought of before.

7. Use the formatting prescribed

If your formatting is out of order, you will end up losing a lot of marks just for it. This is because the format you are supposed to use will already be prescribed in the question paper, and not sticking to it can be perceived as disobedience by your professors. So make sure your margins are spaced out as mentioned, the font and font size you are using is acceptable and that the referencing style is in the format prescribed.

8. Watch out for these errors when proofreading

While writing, you may think you have composed a paper worthy of a great grade, but that might not be the case when you get down to proofreading it. You will end up finding loads of errors you thought you hadn’t made. Here are the mistakes you should keep an eye out for –

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors
  • Errors of logic
  • Repetition of ideas
  • Misrepresented data
  • Errors in formatting

As long as you follow all of the above tips, there’s no doubt that you will compose a paper that your professor enjoys to read and grade. However, if you get stuck, you should never hesitate to take help from your friends, your professor, your seniors or even professional assignment help companies.

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