My Experience with – An Honest Review

For me, it was a ‘banging head against the wall’ situation. I was trying hard to solve the mystery of what could be the possible reason of me failing to score high despite having good command over language and clear idea about tough topics of aeronautical engineering. One of my friends suggested me to hire help from assignment writing services, I tried doing that also but soon realise that with fraud writing services, it was just waste of time and money.

All hell broke loose when I got a dissertation assignment. My confidence in assignment writing services was already low, and the more I read reviews on different assignment writing services, it went further down. Therefore, I started writing the paper, but writing a 15000 words paper was taking a toll on my health, it becomes too much for me to manage my job and to work on this dissertation simultaneously. I was ready with my researched content, but after pulling three all nighters in a row, it felt like I am neck deep in a mess. It was the final assignment, and I could not think of anything else other than hiring help from a trustworthy agency this time. Therefore, I started searching and checking reviews and got to know about this amazing website, Some My Assignment help reviews that I came across were impressive, but most were about mixed experience, which are likely to be true as positive reviews can easily be faked.

On the website of, I found some reviews that convinced me that is a legit and reliable site. Here is a screenshot of some reviews on their website.

mah review

On further researching, I come across some incredible rating of this site on some other review sites. Here, it is a screenshot of rating on, a popular review writing site; Top Assignment Reviews.  Real students write my Assignment help reviews on various sites, I am quite sure these to be written by actual students as those comments are posted with order numbers.

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Specialties those are unique in this website

On visiting their website, I saw certain amazing features and facilities which are unique especially in this site. At first, I did not expect that they will take my half-written assignment and will work on that. However, to my surprise, they actually did it. An expert who was working on my assignment took my half-done papers, provide a proper shape to it, organise all the features according to the guidelines provided by my professor, incorporate all relevant and latest data and turn my paper into a complete and quality write-up. Many my assignment help reviews have specified this mind-blowing feature of this website. On talking with their customer care, I get to know in house writers work by consulting in house database.

They have some remarkable features like 24*7 live help, on-demand phone call and free plagiarism report. Customer care team of this agency is always online. I tried to get in touch with them at wee hours of the morning and they received my call and solved my queries. Another thing, which I liked the most about them, is, always keeping students in the loop. They deliver me regular updates about my order. They have this feature of delivering on-demand plagiarism clearance report. On hiring services from, I experienced hassle-free assistance for the first time. My previous experience with writing websites was total crap. I am so overwhelmed by my positive experience with this site that I myself has posted some of My Assignment help reviews.

Here you can see some milestone that proudly declares on their website.

mah review 2

4211 Experts! Are you serious

First, when I was casually checking this website, I was shocked by their claim of having 4211 experts. You can believe me on this; they actually have that many. They have neatly presented who are associated with them as writers, on their expert page. Writers associated with them are available online 24*7, which is very unlikely for other websites. Layout and graphics are remarkable and explains a lot about their services. I love info-graphics, and that is why their entire website is a treat for my eyes. On their website, they have clearly expressed why their writers are the best one when it comes to entertaining some unique and unconventional assignment solutions.

mah review 3

Now, this is new!

When I scrolled down their expert page, I saw something extraordinary. I have checked like hundreds of assignment writing services, but have never come across something like this. They actually pay attention to the proximity factor. You can choose a writer, who stays near you, which is like a boon for students; they can get in touch with their writers and provide inputs any time they want.

 mah review 4

Variety has new meaning now

Before hiring them, I wanted to check their services, clicked on the service tab and then picked dissertation. They cover every possible dissertation writing service. Check this out,

 mah review 5

Nine Countries!!! Wow

 Yes, has actually expanded its operation to nine countries. It is too obvious to mention that only truly trustworthy services can get bigger this much.

mah review 6

The Pothole

My professor let us choose a topic to write our dissertation. I wanted to write about a study on Improvement and Implementation of Aerospace testing technology, and that is why I wanted to hire an aeronautical expert to work on my assignment. At first, I was not sure about hiring assignment writing agency; I started working on my paper. Soon I realised researching multiple sources was becoming too hectic for me to handle. I was not even sure about what should be the proper structure of my paper. While gathering the information I realised that it was hard to gather relevant information on this topic. In addition, when I finally got hold of something related to my topic, my professor disapproved saying those facts are not proven. I was facing issue with finding relevant information and incorporating them into my paper.

How came to my rescue?

First right after registering my request, I got a phone call from one executive, he verified all my requirements and told me to upload my half-written copy. I felt relieved after knowing that their writers are flexible enough and are ok with working on half-written assignments. actually arranged an Aeronautical engineer with 5 years of writing experience to work on my paper.

He took just 15 days to complete my project and deliver my copy within the deadline. It was an entirely new and improved version of what I have given. The reference and citation portion were properly done. Everything is so appropriate on this assignment that I have kept a copy to use it as a reference for my future assignments. Moreover, because of, I got an A+ on my final assignment.

When I first encounter some reviews on, I noted down all unique features that only this agency offers. Only by concentrating on consulting more reviews every day, I made sure that I am choosing a genuine assignment writing services. Yes, reviews can be fake, but bulk reviews on various reviews writing website cannot always be fake. Try to find out as many reviews as you can on any particular assignment writing agency.

How can you choose the best assignment-writing agency as per your requirement?

While reading reviews, I tried to organise all reviews in three sections: good reviews, moderate reviews and bad reviews. While going through reviews, make sure you are not getting overwhelmed by only positive reviews as let us face it not everything can be good in a genuine assignment writing service. What you need to concentrate here is moderate review. By consulting mixed reviews, you will be able to understand what good you can expect from a service provider and what features are not so good about it. Reviews that talk about price factor, pay specific concentration on those, some reviews will mention that price with some particular assignment writing service is cheap. Now while considering the rate, never choose a service provider that charges too much or too low as these services can be fake.

While considering reviews, make sure you are ready with a list of your requirements. Therefore, whenever you come across reviews that talk about that particular feature, you can take a note of it and can find more reviews on that particular assignment-writing agency.


When I first started searching the internet to get some genuine reviews on I came across some of the bad reviews as well. I got sceptical and started looking for some more information, later realised these are all My Assignment help fake reviews, as users who posted these reviews seems shady, they didn’t reply back to messages posted by the customer care team of This kind of My assignment help scam reviews are actually very misleading. So if you come across any reviews like this, you better perform a background check to make sure that those aren’t posted by rival companies.