What Should I Keep in Mind When I Write My Assignment? Experts Reply!

A questions most students ask when they’re about to start working on their paper is – ‘what are the key points that’ll help me write my assignment?’  While your teachers will give you all the guidelines regarding the style, structure, formatting and referencing of your assignment, the aspect of ‘how to go about writing it’ will mostly be missing. That’s because you’re expected to figure out these things on your own at the undergrad and post-graduate levels.

What Should I Keep in Mind When I Write My Assignment? Experts Reply!

However, don’t worry if you’re stuck and a bit overwhelmed and can’t understand how to go about it. Assignment writing can surprisingly turn out to be very simple if you start early and follow some of the handy tips we’ve listed below-

1.  The first step to writing your paper is understanding your topic well and then getting into research mode. Once you’re clear on what the subject is finding out relevant information for it would be much easier.

2.  Treat lectures as just the first step of your research and do not consider them to be enough matter to base your assignment on. Classroom notes are meant to introduce you to the basic concepts and theories. You need to perform an in-depth research to write a quality assignment.

3.  Start preparing a rough draft once you’ve collected enough information to start writing. This draft should include some key aspects such as the title of your assignment and the bullet points that support the central argument of your, paper presented in a logical manner.

4.  When adding matter from your research material to your essay, remember not to just blankly and blindly lift sentences and ideas. This counts as plagiarism. Instead, analyze whether you agree with the arguments presented in these books. If you don’t, offer your views and back them up with rational thinking and evidence. Be original in your write-up. Your assignment is a test of your ideas and thinking capabilities.

5.  If you want extra help with your assignment, start asking your faculty questions. Just bear in mind not to save these queries to the last-minute as that can lead to chaos and confusion. It’s better to know early one whether you’re on the right track or not.

6.  Adhere to the format of the assignment provided by your professor. A well-outlined and structured essay is easy to write since you get an idea of how to classify the vast amount of information you’ve gathered in appropriate sections.

7.  If you’re using any complex or ambiguous terms in your paper, ensure that you define each of them in a brief and concise manner. Never use too many technical terms in one assignment. That’ll turn your essay into a dry and dull read.

8.  Keep your language and style of writing interesting, especially in the introduction. If the assessor gets bored while going through your essay, your grades will automatically go down. Therefore, an engaging style of writing is a must.

9.  Don’t argue too much or go overboard with your arguments. Your essay is supposed to present a balanced view in the end.

10.  Don’t keep your paragraphs too short. An assignment is not a blog, and cannot be treated the same way. Short paragraphs make your essay appear fragmented. On the other hand, too long paragraphs can be dull and can unnecessarily stretch out the point. Keep your paragraphs crisp and of medium length. One paragraph should contain a point and its logical conclusion.

11.  Using sexist language is a complete no-no. Instead use he/she, him/her, his/her, etc. or they, their, them, etc. Writing gender exclusive terms is only allowed when you’re sure of the sex of the person in question. Make use of politically correct language only and avoid racist terms as well.

12.  Keep track of all your citations and make a list of all the references you’ve used.

13.  If the worse comes to worst, seek assignment help online to complete your paper on time.

Following these simple guidelines can help you sail through your assignments with ease. So keep this list handy when you start writing.

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